pinkporca's Journal

To make LJ users comfortable, I am not a person who would post any videos that I "take" from others. That is not my style at all. I "take" photos and or videos for personal pleasure only. (Note: I will share my magazine covers of Kazuya Kamenashi as I think that fans would like to see them. However, I am unable to credit anyone as I did not document where I got them from - my apologies) My journal is very simple and really has pretty much nothing in it. My goal is to view postings. I just love to read, read and read what people think about dramas, actors, singers, etc. That is how I feel I become more familiar with the Japanese culture and discovered JPOP, etc. I also love to read AKAME fanfics. I am trying to be more active in posting comments when a "take" a photo/video or read a fan fic. I love to watch people and their reactions to situations around them. If I could spend a whole day at a busy airport or train station to watch people I would. But then, I would be called crazy. Oh well. Whatever your dream is, please pursue it. Don't forget to say I love you to family members as often as possible. Life is to short to have regrets.