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Maru World - Comment to New Community

Since I am unable to post to the new community, I will post my comment here. Hopefully the mods will see it.
"I love KAT-TUN since 2009 and just because I am very partial to Kazuya, I don't admire the other members less. Maru is a never changing man, but what makes me look at him each time is his hands. I wish I could tell you that I have a hand fetish, but I don't. His hands are just too perfect. I love the way he is petrified of heights (which makes me laugh so hard at his antics) and also the way he is gullible to "ghost" or such. Doesn't matter if the group shrinks, I still like the three of them. Always did and probably always will. Hope to be allowed in the group."

KAT-TUN "Hiatus"

Well, the news about KAT-TUN was no surprise. Regardless of what they do as individuals and or as a group (returning from Hiatus), I will forever support them. I feel heavy hearted today on Valentines Day, but their decision is made, and I will still support them. Best of Luck to them all even to Junno.

Happy Valentines Day

Hello Friends at LJ. Hope all of you have a wonderful Valentines Day.

Happy New Year - 2016!!

Hi everyone! Here's hoping that the new year finds everyone "Healthy, Wealthy and Wise". Have a wonderful 2016!


Pi x Kame fanfics community

Hello, not sure where to post this so I am posting it here. Does anyone know of a few communities that have KamexPi (or Pi x Kame)fanfic pairing? Would love to read some fanfics on this pairing.


Joker Game - screening in New York

Just watched the Joker Game in NYC.  It was fantastic.  There were english subs so it msde it more interesting.  Very fast action.  Kazuya's acting was just phenominal.  The director was there to introduce the film.  He was adorable speaking sometimes in english.

Prison Break - Remake???

OMG!!! Hope the rumors of a possible Prison Break remake with original actors Wentwood Miller (my favorite) and Dominic Purcell comes true. Please make me happy someone and remake this awesome series.

Welcome Luna (tic)

My little buddy. Love cats. Thought cat was a girl - called her Luna. Now found out cat is a boy - so renamed him Luna (tic). He is a little crazy.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! (From NYC - Times Square)!! Happy 2015!

A small pet peeve!!

I am an easy going person who does not really sweat about the small things. But honestly, this small thing is pissing me off. Lately, I have been getting in my LJ mail, the following mail with this message: (You are not authorized to view this entry)! What the heck!! If you're going to send me an email, why not let me view it! I just hope that whomever is doing it, realizes that they have the email protected and I can't read or respond. Just needed to release some steam!

Have a good day everyone!